THY-340-C / 2006-09 Impala SS Monte Carlo SS /05-08 Pontiac Grand Prix FXP 07-09 Buick Lacrosse 5.3L

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4:1 Headers with Y-pipes
2005-09 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
2006-09 Chevrolet Impala SS
2005-08 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP
5.3L V8

Header Style: 4:1 Headers 
Material: Steel
Finish: Silver Ceramic Coated
Primary Tube Diameter: 1-3/4"
Primary Tube Gauge: 14 Gauge
Collector Attachment: 2-bolt Flange / Slip-fit
Collector Diameter: 2-1/2"
Tuned: No
Flange Thickness: 3/8"
Bolts and/or Studs Included: Yes
Gaskets Included: Re-use factory manifold gaskets
Y-Pipe (Crossover) Included: Yes
Y-Pipe Inlet Diameter: 2-1/2"
Y-Pipe Outlet Diameter: 3"
Weld Up: Y-pipe outlet must be welded to exhaust inlet
Catalytic Converter(s) Included: No
Quantity: Sold as a Complete Kit
Warranty: Limited Lifetime to original purchaser

Notes: There is no better way to squeeze a little more power out of your V8 motor than this header kit! These shortie headers are a fantastic way to work some extra horsepower out of your car, and will have you back out on the road in no time getting where you're going a little faster. To make these headers last, we built them using industry leading 14-gauge steel tubing with 3/8" thick flanges. Topping all of that off, our headers come beautifully ceramic coated to greatly reduce under-hood temperatures and protect them from the environment. All 100% American made, and backed by our lifetime warranty. Install these headers today and feel your car's true power potential!